Episode 8 – Talking politics in our PJs

This episode we discuss Chris’ casual approach to child adoption, discover the world’s most savage frontwoman and will Danny preserve his genitalia in a glass jar for future listeners? This episode’s albums Joni Mitchell, Blue (2:39) Billy Bragg, Talking with the taxman about poetry (24:42) PJ Harvey, Dry (38:14) Yeah, yeah yeah…we’re great! Did youContinue reading “Episode 8 – Talking politics in our PJs”

Talking with the taxman about poetry

Barking’s most famous son, Billy Bragg is a singer/songwriter is somewhere between Bob Dylan, a Doc Marten boot and an Alan Bennett novel. Talking with the Taxman about Poetry is Bragg’s 3rd album and the one that launched him into the hearts of lefties everywhere, The Socialist Worker and most people gathering round a fireContinue reading “Talking with the taxman about poetry”


This episode the college dropout drops in. Yes, we examine the all-seeing, all-powerful, all-mega juggernaut that is Kanye West. Yes we are. We are. Kanye made us put this paragraph first. We also look at the sensational 60s starlet Dusty Springfield and what happens when aloof posh schoolboys don’t want other more rowdy boys tryingContinue reading “Episode 7 A podc…WAIT WAIT WAIT KANYE IS HERE!”

Episode 6 Killing Queen

This week we look at how many have confusing feelings for facial hair, totally balls up reviewing a metal album and review our first (and probably only) dance album. This episode we deep dive into the following: Queen, A night at the opera (2:08) Sepultura Roo…No wait, Arise (20:48) Mylo, Destroy Rock n’ Roll (42:08)Continue reading “Episode 6 Killing Queen”

Episode 5 While my podcast gently weeps

In this episode we discuss whether rioting should have a catchy soundtrack and wife swapping amongst bands. Oh, and albums… The White Album, The Beatles (1:25) What’s going on?, Marvin Gaye (16:30) Rage against the machine, RATM (37:45) Obviously you were impressed by this episode (Smug mode). Why not get on a roll and listenContinue reading “Episode 5 While my podcast gently weeps”

What’s going on?

It’s unusual that by the 11th album of your career you should suddenly go rogue, but that’s exactly what Marvin Gaye decided to do on What’s Going On? The poster boy and statesman of Motown records saw the social problems both on the streets of Detroit and in the media, and like many artists atContinue reading “What’s going on?”

Episode 4 Don’t you shiiiiverrrrrrrrr-hoooowlllll!

There’s a time in every podcaster’s life where you have to just roll up your sleeves, put on your posh wellies and go and see Coldplay. At Wimbledon. In a gilet. Listen on for our entirely unbiased and fair review! How can a howling dog be wrong?! Also we discuss what music sounds like ifContinue reading “Episode 4 Don’t you shiiiiverrrrrrrrr-hoooowlllll!”

Back to Black

Potentially controversial, but to truly understand and enjoy Back to Black (B2B) I feel we must first revisit Frank. Released 3 years prior, Frank established an audience with its new wave jazz, neo-soul and infused beat sound, so popular in the early 00’s. Unfortunately, to my mind, it failed to stand apart from its contemporaries,Continue reading “Back to Black”


If Henry 8th had a house band, it would’ve been Jethro Tull. Jethro Tull were arguably Britain’s most commercially successful prog folk, blues, rock, metal, jazz group. A niche category, but the best nonetheless! Aqualung was written as an album to make a significant breakthrough into the mainstream. The late 60s saw many folk-inspire acts,Continue reading “Aqualung”