Episode 6 The Sex Machines

For years and years and years and years musicians sang about love, being a ding-a-ling and generally getting on well with Mary Whitehouse. However, there were some filthmongers who just had to bring in the subject of sex. Yes, it’s filthy, isn’t it?

True Fact: Famous musicians are humans who not only hold hands but also make babies. In fact, that scene you saw in the Motley Crue documentary was probably just scratching the surface.

Well, in this episode we discover musicians who pioneered the whole sordid business and encouraged you lot to exchange bodily fluids. You disgust me.

In this episode, we deep-dive into the following albums

  • James Brown, Live at the Apollo (1963) 1:01
  • Serge Gainsbourg, Melody (1971) 11:13
  • Madonna, Like a Prayer (1989) 20:01

“Pull my finger”

“That’s a podcast

“Dude! Pull my finger”

*Sighs and pulls finger*

“Oh man! That stinks”

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