Episode 2 – The Faceless

Ask yourself this question: Do I need a face? If you answered yes, then you’re probably ridiculously good-looking. However, for all those ugly mugs out there, fear not! Having a face that’s really only fit for the night-shift on local radio is no barrier to becoming world famous and loaded! I’m not making any promises y’know, one day in your therapy session you’ll have to remove the helmet/hockey mask/artistic eyeball & hat combination and tell all your problems to the sock puppet, which by the way has just scored a major number 3 in the Mongolian freestyle jazz charts!

In this episode, we discuss the music you can’t put a face to. From the far-out world of The Residents to the dancefloor classics of Daft Punk via the disgusting glory of Slipknot’s self-titled album. this episode has it all and in such a small package…you’re welcome!

“Yeah…yeah…I dunno some luvvie harking on about discordant harmonics….I know right, load of bollocks..yeah….anyway Tel, I’ll do it for 150 + VAT…yeah…just add it to the cost of the cistern and flush and I’ll sort you out tomorrow….yeah, hopefully there’ll be something in the episode guide that’s actually listenable to…anyway Tel, I’ll speak to you soon…yeah…150 + VAT….be lucky!”

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