Climb aboard Danté…!

Some say…he started as a fluffer on the Punch and Judy Show. And some say…he’s the real cause of all shopping trolleys in the canals of Britain.

This week, we release a special medley of Danté and the foaming peaks songs from the first series! (See below)

But first, we received a lot of lovely letters from some lovely young school children for Danté!

Thomas Higginbottom (Aged 6) Dante, how do you sing so nice?

Danté: My mother force fed me vanilla ice cream and made me chew tobacco from a young age. By the time I was your age Thomas, I was so heavy my bed required reinforcing, but I could will Chaffinches to my hand using only my sweet harmonies. It was my only other source of food.

Michael Shrewshound (Aged 5) Danté, when did you first want to play music?

Danté: Well Michael, the only two records in the house were Liberace, Live at the Hollywood Bowl and Campfire songs of the Hitler Youth. So I sang and sang all day and all night and we got a lot of strange people coming to the door. I never knew my singing touched so many people and knew that one day it would be my dream to play for thousands.

Gertrude Finch-Hatton (Aged 4 3/4) Danté, Who’s your favourite artist?

Danté: Gertrude, for years I was forced to recite Chris de Burgh…even his lounge phase. Despite the horror, pain and suffering anyone would experience from this , it’s now become impossible to be arouse…i mean enjoy listening to any other artist. It’s like Stockholm syndrome.

Harry Ponsonby-Smythe (Aged 7) Danté, my daddy says you’re always in the papers and they say nasty things about you and the things you do in phone boxes.

Dante: No more questions!

Drawn by Chris, age 34

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