Preview: Season 2!

Coming October 5th 2020

So us guys were on our break the other day…kicking around, drinking coke, flipping coins, looking really real bad-ass. We then get a call, Danny scrabbled like a sissy trying to get his phone out of his pocket to answer it, but he had some pretty embarassing notifications from his porn app and took the call around the corner.

He came back screaming and laughing and tears streaming down his face. Incredibly, the producers of the show decided that we deserved another series. Yes depsite the law cases, despite the whining, despite the bickering, our demands for only premium baby oil….we got another series.

So, young listeners, whilst we listen to some more music, write some funny tunes and get our orders in for posh booze to look smug with we can let you know Series 2, Episode 1 will be…

Cool Britannia!

(or why it takes a Brit to show the Americans why their music is so good and why you can’t trust a load of surly teenagers in ill-fitting jumpers in a garage to like quality music because all they want to do is play 4 stupid power chords, their sports have 4 quarters and they use silly imperial measurements for everything)

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