Episode 14 Kraft doesn’t work

Does Sting have the prettiest forehead in rock? What happens when rubber meets the road and someone records it? 

This week we deep-dive into these 3 albums

  • Nina Simone – Wild is the wind (1:50)
  • Kraftwerk – Autobahn (14:40)
  • The Police – Regatta de Blanc (28:28)

I know what you’re thinking…did they discuss 4 albums, or only 3? To tell you the truth in all the excitement, I kind of lost count myself. Seeing as though this is a 1001 podcast, the most powerful podcast in the world and could blow your mind clean off, you have to ask yourself one question: Do I want to listen to more podcasts? Well do ya?! Punk!

Better do as the nice man says folks…Here’s the episode guide for more fun!

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