Episode 13 Get your hands off the wall

Is having a milkman hipster? Does the milkman deliver Jesus juice? Was Jesus juice involved in Chris’ conception? Which artist made Marvin Gaye sound like Ford Fiesta driving on gravel?

Oh, and in other news….ladies and gentlemen, The Darkness!

This week we deep-dive into these 3 albums

  • Michael Jackson, Off the wall (1:54)
  • The Flaming Lips, Soft bulletin (18:01)
  • The Darkness, Permission to land (34:24)

Amazing, wasn’t it? A lot of people are saying this is the best episode ever, it really is, I mean everybody is talking about it. Except those guys over on that other podcast channel, i mean FAKE NEWS people, they don’t respect us. LOOOOOSERS. WE ARE THE BIG LEAGUES, i mean phenomenal, best ever. Check out more bigly, bigly episodes over here. Amazing.

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