This episode the college dropout drops in. Yes, we examine the all-seeing, all-powerful, all-mega juggernaut that is Kanye West. Yes we are. We are. Kanye made us put this paragraph first.

We also look at the sensational 60s starlet Dusty Springfield and what happens when aloof posh schoolboys don’t want other more rowdy boys trying to chat up girls at their gigs and would rather dress as flowers on stage. It can only be…Genesis!

  • Dusty Springfield, A girl called Dusty (2:05)
  • Genesis, A lamb lies down on Broadway (18:45)
  • Kanye West, A college dropout (39:52)

Not convinced by posh boys dressed as flowers? Maybe try another episode? We’re sure to have cleansed fancy dress from every one of them. Check out our episode guide!

Listen to the album playlist below and listen along with us! 🙂

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