It should’ve made it to the list

It’s not on the 1001 list, but obviously they’re wrong. We sing the praises of those overlooked….

Bryan Adams, Reckless (1984)

Double denim never looked so fitting for Canada’s greatest contribution to music. Looking past novelty songs with singing mounties and a lady who flits between embarrassing aunty and tasteful Eurovision, Bryan Adams released his fourth studio in 1984 with sensational impact.

Now, it must be said….look past the cheese. No seriously, so much of Adam’s reputation has been checkered by student union rock nights and appearing on 90s soundtracks (amazing, by the way!)

So let me throw some hard science over that smear – 6 singles, all top 15 – Something that had only been achieved by MJ and Springsteen, had multiple tours, sold 12 million copies and was the launch pad for major success with ‘Waking up the Neighbours’ and that record breaking number 1 ‘Everything I do, I do it for you’.

The album opens with a belter ‘One-night love affair’ with Adam’s husky, gritty vocals, bright, thick chord riff and unmistakably 80s lead guitar. The entirety of side one could be a soundtrack to a coming of age or road trip 80s film in fact…just one fabulous track after the other. The night-time driving classic ‘Run to you’ with the epic opening riff, slow harmonic blues bend and anthemic chorus.

The tender and soulful ‘Heaven’ which shows amazing versatility for a proper love song and for true song-writing class, sounds just as good as an Ibiza dance classic remix – Sometimes melody is king.

At the time of writing, ‘Summer of 69’ had a shade under 500,000,000 listens – An incredible testament to a song capturing growing up and moving on.

A full-on heavy rock 2-minute wonder of ‘Kids wanna rock’ is pure hedonism with a real show of blues rock guitar skills and thunderous drums.

If that wasn’t enough…The grand lady of soul pop Tina Turner lets rip across ‘It’s only love’, cementing a grandstanding album.

It’s a crime that this album doesn’t appear on the 1001 list – Persecuted possibly for ropey fashion sense and that it is just pure enjoyment to listen to – No music symbolism, no academic importance, no social movements latched on to it… It’s pure song-writing, performed brilliantly and sold a bucketload. Av’ it!

Rating: 4/5

Song of the album: Summer of ’69

And just for fun…well cringe: Voted worst cover of all time

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