Episode 1 – George or gorge?

Episode 1 – Sinatra! Bob Marley! That guy now not in Wham! Quizzes!

Have you ever wondered what people listened to before Rock n Roll? Keen on Fedora hats? Ah! You like a geological feature and 80s pop star-based quiz! Well, you are in for a treat…! Listen on, get excited, wet the bed and then blame it on your podcast!

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Frank Sinatra ‘In the wee small hours’ (1955) (Time break: 6:02)
  • George Michael’s ‘Listen without prejudice Vol.1’ (1990) 21:00
  • Bob Marley ‘Natty Dread’ (1974) 40:45

Not a fan of guys in fedora hats or singers who crash into trees? You’ll definitely love our other episodes..they’re way better! Check out our episode guide.

Listen along to the 3 album playlist below and tell us what you think!

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