1001 Albums then Death Podcast

1 girl and 3 guys on a musical quest!

Deep diving into albums from the book ‘1001 albums you must hear before you die‘. There’s laughter, crying, bickering…then we podcasted.

Ever wondered if dogs sing to Coldplay? Which band slew the 60s? Does everybody else do Dylan better than Dylan? Find out massive knowledge bombs and sound impressive at parties! All this, supported by our house band Dante and the Foaming Peak providing you with the best in band tribute acts!

Check our latest work…or see the full Episode Guide!

Oooo, maybe even listen along with us? Here’s the playlist for the next episode so you understand what the hell we’re on about. We can share the pain together.

Most importantly, we salute Robert Dimery’s ‘1001 albums you must hear before you die‘!

Climb aboard Danté…!

Some say…he started as a fluffer on the Punch and Judy Show. And some say…he’s the real cause of all shopping trolleys in the canals of Britain. This week, we release a special medley of Danté and the foaming peaks songs from the first series! (See below) But first, we received a lot of lovelyContinue reading “Climb aboard Danté…!”

Preview: Season 2!

Coming October 5th 2020 So us guys were on our break the other day…kicking around, drinking coke, flipping coins, looking really real bad-ass. We then get a call, Danny scrabbled like a sissy trying to get his phone out of his pocket to answer it, but he had some pretty embarassing notifications from his pornContinue reading “Preview: Season 2!”

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