1001 Albums then Death Podcast

1 girl and 3 guys on a musical quest!

Deep diving into albums from the book ‘1001 albums you must hear before you die‘. There’s laughter, crying, bickering…then we podcasted.

Ever wondered if dogs sing to Coldplay? Which band slew the 60s? Does everybody else do Dylan better than Dylan? Find out massive knowledge bombs and sound impressive at parties! All this, supported by our house band Dante and the Foaming Peak providing you with the best in band tribute acts!

Check our latest work…or see the full Episode Guide!

Oooo, maybe even listen along with us? Here’s the playlist for the next episode so you understand what the hell we’re on about. We can share the pain together.

Most importantly, we salute Robert Dimery’s ‘1001 albums you must hear before you die‘!

Episode 12 The weird one

This episode we take a wander through the oddball freak show of music. All musicians are either freaks, eccentrics or drug takers. See if you can tell which are which! This week we explore The Mothers of Invention, Freak Out (1:32) Kate Bush, The Dreaming (9:13) The Boards of Canada, Music has the right toContinue reading “Episode 12 The weird one”

Led Zeppelin 1

This is the album that killed the 60s. 9 songs and 48 minutes and we could finally let go of sodding lace cravats. Led Zeppelin began as a musical mission sent by God (Jimmy Page). Growing up around Clapton, Beck and 100s of blues records, Page went on to be one of the most prolificContinue reading “Led Zeppelin 1”

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